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Tuesday Update: Big News

Just wanted to give you fellas a brief update. Last time I posted I was lowkey freaking out. Not gonna lie.... I am still freaking out. But I am definitely doing much better. Time heals all wounds, as they say.

I can't really apply for work anywhere else because I don't want to lose my seniority and I don't have enough experience and education to get great pay elsewhere. So I am just going to hope my managers realize my true potential. And keep thinking that I will go back to school at some point and maybe I will get my degree mailed to me. That's how that works, right?

All that being said, I - please don't get mad at me for this guys. If you are close to me and know me well I ask that you reign in the strong desire to hit me when I say this. But I am starting an online shop again : D

The same problems that have come up in the past are still there. I have a partner that is not as motivated as I am, but damn at least I have a partner. if y'all w…
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Advice For Late 20s?

Anyone have any good advice for a woman in her late 20s?

I thought I felt lost at 20.... yeah no. I am 26 now and have a job that COULD turn into a career or it could just stay a dead end job. I have been with my corporation under different sister companies for almost 3 years and other than the experience I really don't have anything to show for it.

I can very much relate to "You Go, Girl" saying that she is tired under/overwhelmed and feeling unfulfilled.

I am hoping to find some advice on what to do. I'm getting tossed around at a job, and should just be grateful I am not getting laid off. But maybe I feel entitled because they had just promised me a promotion...

I would love to hustle and manifest my life as I want it- but I don't know what to aim for. Feeling very lost. Guess I will see where things take me.

Guess this is where I need to brainstorm, search, and make myself a vision board...
Off to Pinterest!

Drabble 1- Treehouse

You gently wake up to the sound of rain. The cool air greets you good morning but the sun is not out yet. You lie in bed, your partner's arm wrapped around you. You face the open patio of your large tree house in the jungled mountains. Your magical jungle cat sleeps on a dry branch just within view, always watching over you.
You lay resting until you begin to sense that your partner will wake soon. You get up slowly and peacefully, walking to the kitchen. You carry two warm beverages over to the wood patio. After placing them on a small round table placed between two wicker chairs, you sit on your chair. Wrapped in a blanket you watch the rainfall. Your jungle cat's ear twitches when your partner begins to wake. Your partner walks over and sits next to you on their wicker chair. Slowly and quietly you sip on your drinks together. You share this time together until the sun begins to peak over the mountains and the rain slows to a drizzle. Stretching out of your chair, you rais…

The Catch Up Post

It's Halloween month, I'm done moving out of my old apartment, and I've finally found my laptop charger! ~Happy times~. Now for some catching up!
 First of all, BIG thanks to my sister, Najiba, for helping us clean out our old place on Sunday. We could not have finished moving out of the apartment in time without her. Seriously, moving made us miserable. But now we are in our new place. And Ricky's parents are so awesome! They brought me (yes, me! Not us -.-) wine, a wine opener, and veggie pasta. I will refrain from calling it macaroni as I guess they would disagree. For Ricky, they brought garlic bread and he was nice enough to share that with me haha.

One thing about me guys is that until about a year ago I suffered from random digestive issues. I won't get TMI now, but suffice to say I suffered. And what's worse, is that was normal for me. I never thought anything was really wrong. But there was. June 2017 was about the time I became a vegetarian. That hel…

The Autumn Challenge

The Autumn Challenge In her Fall Bucketlist video, Kalyn Nicholson talks about how we all set out with so many ideas of the things that we want to do in the Fall, but we never actually do them. And for me, that rings true. So I challenged myself and my family to join me in making sure we do as much of the following as we can in the next month:
Harry Potter Marathon (fun outfit optional)
Read The Books
Pumpkin Spice Latte
Apple Picking
Buy A Pumpkin
Bake An Autumnal Dessert
Football In The Park
Pumpkin Carving
Fresh Flowers for the Apartment
Autumnal Decor
Harvest Meal
Rewatch The Haunting
Try A Red Wine

Some of these I have not done in years- like apple picking. And some I've already started. I've read the first Harry Potter book, and I have some ideas for decor. I might need to buy a football.... or I may just suggest we go HAM with our Nerf guns instead. No matter what, I want to make sure that we appreciate this time while we are in it. This is my favorite time of the year…

October Movie List

40 Movies To Watch This OctoberTeen Appropriate:
Corpse Bride
Harry Potter
Haunted Mansion
Hocus Pocus
Kiki's Delivery Service
Monster House
Nightmare Before Christmas
Practical Magic
Sabrina, The Teenage Witch
Sleepy Hollow
The Princess and the Frog
Teen Witch
Not for Kids:Witches of Eastwick
Vampire in Brooklyn
This Is The End
The Village
The Uninvited
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
The Ring
The Others
The Haunting
The Craft
Skeleton Key
Resident Evil
Nightmare on Elm Street
Jeepers Creepers
Dream House
Death Becomes Her 
Dawn of the Dead (Old One) 

And some recipes to keep you full and warm:Vegan Snickerdoodle in a Mug
Leftover Halloween Candy Mug Cake Recipe
13 Easy Mug Cake Recipes
Vegan Snickerdoodle in a Mug

Pumpkin Latte at Home
As Demanded by the Stars: Vegan Butterbeer

Enjoy and Stay Spooky!

If your cult classic wasn't listed on here, please comment down below your favorite Halloween traditions!

Weekend Update

If you've read my last post you know that I was kind of starting to freak out over the upcoming move. Then this morning I woke up groggy and spent an hour on Instagram. Here you will see how my best friend Rei asked if we were going to Michael's.
So we went to Michael's. It jump-started my day and kept me from getting angsty and depressed from staying in. 
Here is something I'm definitely going to be DIYing when I finish moving in.
Some fam-spam.

Ricky and I got sushi after. And then I started packing.

I took a 2.5 hour nap. I was browsing Youtube for inspiration when Ricky suggested finishing the sushi from earlier and catching up on Luke Cage. 

The night ended with writing and editing...

Starting the day with breakfast, coffee, and music. Ricky and I had an interesting conversation about family, abuse, sacrifice, and commitment. And of course, it is Sunday so I watched Kalyn Nicholson's new video.  Here is what I'm listening to in the background of my morning…